Sunset. Sunrise.

The sun sets on another summer.


Americans have returned from the beach after Labor Day. The Brits have escaped for their last summer Bank Holiday.  And so it is officially time to put my white jeans into storage.

In late August, our family spent four days together in Santorini, a picturesque Greek island populated with over 500 churches, all painted white and blue with simple crosses that stand out against the cloudless skies.  Every view was postcard-perfect.




Here we joined together at last after spending most of the summer apart.  We took advantage of family time and set sail for a tour along the jagged coastline of the beautiful caldera, swam in the warm sea and burned our feet on the black volcanic sand, and hiked from Fira to Oia along a dusty path trailed by a wayward dog.





Meals were leisurely and usually spent overlooking the sea.  Waves nearly washed up on our feet when we visited the small fishing village of Ammoudi, beneath the hills of Oia.  Here we ordered an obscenely large lobster, our eyes bigger than our bellies as we barely made a dent in the house specialty of lobster with homemade fettuccine.




Donkeys were on hand to make the trip back up the steep hill for those who could not face the climb after a long lunch. Rather than hike up, we jumped off.  The rock perch made famous in the movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, was a perfect place for Jeff and the girls to launch into the sea to cool down.



Speaking of movies, Mamma Mia was playing at the outdoor cinema in Fira. We  strolled into town one night, ordered a bottle of wine, and sat beneath the stars as Meryl Streep and the cast sang and danced through scenic Greece.  The locals in the audience enhanced the soundtrack by singing along and nearly jumping out of their seats during the rendition of Dancing Queen. I have never enjoyed a movie more.


Known for its majestic sunsets, Santorini was the perfect place to enjoy the last days summer, watching the sun dip beneath the ocean and set the sky ablaze.


September rolled in, and the girls returned to school. Katie hit the ground running at college and Jackie raced into the sprint of her Senior year of high school. During the first week at the American School, Jackie participated in the wonderful tradition of Senior Sunrise.  Awakening at 5:30 am, she and her classmates set out for the top of Primrose Hill to watch the sun rise over London, symbolic of the beginning of their year together.


From sunset to sunrise, with endings come new beginnings.




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