Rounding the Tring Circular

Here we go round again.

The expat whirl can be dizzying.  There is an intrinsic excitement to life in a foreign place.  Your days become enchanted as you hop on and off the merry-go-round of museums, castles, gardens, and countless other cultural adventures.

After five years in London, I sometimes lose the starry-eyed wonder that kept everything I did awash in a rosey glow in the beginning.  But some things never lose their luster.


I returned to Herfordshire last week to hike my annual 11 mile trek through the Tring Circular, an area that literally comes alive in the spring when the bluebells burst upon the scene. I suppose anticipation of the spring bluebells in the English countryside can be compared to that of the fall foliage in New England.  It’s beauty is stunning.

It was a bright but bitterly cold day with an unyielding harsh wind that whipped our faces raw as we climbed the headwall toward the vast open fields.  It felt more like early December than late April.



Cows and sheep were waiting, the omnipresent signs that you are in the countryside.  Symbolic of our spring arrival, little lambs stole the scene, wobbling after the ewes.




Further afield we arrived at a forest that appeared carpeted in a vibrant blue hue.  The bluebell is actually a tiny little bloom that might seem like nothing special on its own, but when seen as a massive meandering whole… it is spectacular.



After a pub lunch, we made our way back to the train station.  We walked down Stock Road, so named for the medieval stock still standing in the town square, a piece of history woven into the modern scenery.


Bucolic beauty could be found in the fields and the town.  A beautiful tudor home stood in the distance overlooking a serene pond and an old stone church rose above   ancient tombstones.



And so I returned to London, hopping off the train and the proverbial expat merry-go-round once again.

I look forward to my next ride, wherever it may take me!

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