New Year, Old Friends

Every New Year celebration is accompanied by the tried and true verse of Auld Lang Syne:   

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind?


The holidays are always a spicy stew of family and friends served up in various locations.  This year, our travels took us from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to Cape Cod to Mexico.  Along the way, we met up with our old friends and dear family, adopting the pack mentality of sticking together with our clan.

The surprising warmth and sunshine of Connecticut made a fishing expedition to Pennsylvania enjoyable rather than endurable.  Relatively warm waters kept the fish biting on the surface rather than retreating to the bottom of the riverbed.



Temperatures shockingly soared to 70 degrees on Christmas Day, and people arrived in droves to walk the Greenwich Point as if it were a busy July afternoon.  Dogs and people roamed along the shoreline, creating an impromptu celebration as friends gathered and shared Christmas greetings.  Bing Crosby can keep his White Christmas, I thought it was a gift to enjoy such unseasonably warm weather with family and friends.  Jeff even got to wear his red and white striped seersucker shorts, pushing the boundaries of acceptable Christmas attire!



A week long escape to Akumel, Mexico provided more sunshine and expected warmth as we joined four other families based upon friendships forged nearly 30 years ago in college.  Dubbed the “Fellas and Family” tour, Jeff’s fraternity brothers from Penn are a close-knit group whose wives and children are as happy to spend time together as are the founding “fellas”.


Though we don’t see each other all that often, reunions are always sweet.  It was particularly fun to watch the children connect as many are now young adults.  Though the ages ranged from 7 to 50-something, we were a harmonious crew of 24 strong.


The holidays always come and go too quickly, vaulting us into a new year of adventure and possibility. It makes me reflect on what is important and brings me back to the New Year anthem, Auld Lang Syne.

Old friends should never be forgot.

They are the very best kind.

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