Let it Rain….

As the saying goes: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

A fitting mantra for life in London.

And so it is that I have amassed a rather daunting collection of “waterproofs”.  A full rain “kit”, as they say.

Several raincoats hang in my closet allowing me to stay dry whether I dress up or down.  Various boots are aligned in my front hall, standing tall like soldiers and ready to be put into action.  My hat collection grows every year with the crushable & packable sharing space with the wide brimmed & durable.  Even my pants come in waterproof varieties, baggy but never soggy.

These clothes are put to good use and are well worth the investment.  I got my money’s worth this Thursday on my first country walk of the season.

We trod 11 miles from Cookham to Maidenhead in a beautiful section of Berkshire County with lovely views of the Thames Valley.  Grey skies and constant drizzle did not dampen our spirits.  In fact, some of the views were enhanced by the mist that cast an alluring shroud over the countryside.

We came upon some locals who gave us a gobble-gobble greeting through their wattley throats, safe from the threat of a Thanksgiving feast on this side of the pond.


There were, of course, the usual suspects that we routinely encounter when walking in the country:  old stone churches and lovely Tudor homes.




This walk’s scenery was enhanced by the gently flowing Thames.  We only saw placid spots, but further downstream there was a section of fast-running white water well known to local kayakers who want a challenge.


We warmed ourselves and dried off a bit at a local pub over lunch and then trekked to the station where we boarded our train back to London.


I returned a bit weary and very wet.  I peeled off my sodden muddy hiking boots, removed my outer waterproof pants, dumped my dripping backpack, slipped out of my raincoat, hung my drenched hat…and just like that, I was dry.

Good clothes make for great days!

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