Happy Birthday to…Lu!

Beware the ides of March

so says a soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Beware indeed.

The ides of March takes place on March 15 and is known as the day that Caesar was assassinated.  More importantly, it is the day Lucy was born.  All hail Lucy!

Lucy is heading into her 12th year, so if my doggie math is correct, she is now in her early 80s on our human scale.  We should all be so young at heart.


So what is Lu’s secret?

While the rest of us are kicking our bad habits, eating well, covering our stray grays, and slowing down, Lucy is plowing forward with no such improvement plan.  As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Her nicotine addiction thrives.  Never one to miss the chance to roll around in a fresh butt, Lucy rubs herself into every forgotten cigarette she can sniff out.

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For a real treat, she sometimes finds an potent leafy cigar stub and goes into a frenzy, wriggling her body as if she were a contortionist ready to sign up for Cirque du Soleil!  She smells like an ashtray most of the time.  Perhaps she should try the patch…

Her appetite remains out of control with an insatiable sweet tooth.  No thought about nutrition or moderation crosses Lucy’s mind…ever!  A walk is essentially a roving buffet.  Lucy eats with wild abandon, and nothing is too small to attract her interest, even the pigeons’ pittance of crumbs are reason for celebration.  No dummy, she generally ignores all fruit remains.  The best finds are half-eaten sandwiches, forgotten chocolate bars, or any of the sugary biscuits that her dog walker’s infant daughter carelessly tosses aside…the sweeter, the better!

She gives no mind to her gray hairs and occasional lumps.  Her eyebrows are quite distinguished these days, set off by her trademark mohawk.  Lucy occasionally develops little lumps, all of which have been nothing more than annoying (but unharmful) cysts. I have more in common with Lucy than I dare admit as I, too, have some stray grays and am definitely lumpier than in my youth!  I should adopt her laissez-faire attitude.

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She never slows down and doesn’t let age define her.  Despite her octogenarian state, Lucy still manages a few “mad-dash-chase escapades” every time she takes her walks, keeping the geese, pigeons, and other friendly fowl on high alert in all the parks!  She certainly does not act her age.  During her last outing to the posh House of Mutt in Wales, Lucy befriended a Jack Russell pup, aptly named Dude. Apparently she and Dude shacked up every night, sleeping entwined on the couch in perfect furry harmony.  Maybe she’s on to something with the restorative benefits of a younger man….


Best of all, Lucy lives by one of my favorite mantras from which we can all heed some good advice:

 Wag More.  Bark Less.

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