George and Snooki by the Sea

You can take the girl out of New Jersey…

But you can’t take New Jersey out of the girl!



I spent my summers going down to LBI (Long Beach Island) and can thank my lazy days of serious sun worshipping as a girl on those beaches for all the wrinkles that line my adult face!

Brighton is a town on the sea that is a bit reminiscent of the Jersey shore.  Here sandy shores are replaced by pebbly ones, but the sights, sounds, and smells are the same.  Squawking seagulls fly above crashing waves and bring back all those childhood memories.


The Brighton pier reminds me of the New Jersey Boardwalk.



There are planked paths, ice cream “shoppes”, fried fish ‘n chips, candy colored store fronts, and the iron skeleton of a roller coaster leaning over the sea. Docile and daring rides populate the pier, dormant now but ready to roar back to life once the warm summer months return.

And yet, there is something distinctively English in Brighton: The Royal Pavilion, the extravagant palace of frivolous King George IV.



There is nothing at the Jersey shore that comes close to the magnificent spectacle of this building.  The architecture recalls the Taj Mahal with its Indian shapes and accents.


The interior is decorated like a Chinese fantasy bursting in reds, golds and intricate patterns; accented by dragon sculptures and ornate vases; and gilded, bejeweled, and bedazzled beyond description.



The palace is distinctive to England, but the behavior within it back in the 18th century could easily take place in NJ in the 21st century.  George was the Prince Regent when he escaped the disapproving eye of his parents and the rigid society in London to enjoy the free-wheeling spirit of seaside Brighton.  He overate at banquets with 100 courses on the menu, imbibed freely, gambled foolishly, sported recklessly, courted wanton women constantly….

basically he behaved just like Snooki and her gang!

What happens at the shore, stays at the shore.  No wait, that’s Vegas.

The decadent Royal Pavilion would fit right in Sin City.

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