Sea/ Sick

50 years — 10 friends — 72 hours

The Ocean Club, Bahamas

I have been looking forward to the reunion weekend in the Bahamas ever since the plans came together about 6 months ago.

Jeff and his best buddies from Penn all turn 50 this year, and what better way to numb the pain of entering a new decade than getting together for a rum and sun soaked weekend at the beach in January?

Now that my girls are much older, I don’t really feel the need to escape that was so essential when they were little. In fact, these days I am always trying to find ways to be all together, and they are the ones finding ways to escape! But, an adult weekend away — with life-long friends, on a beach, in the warm sunshine, filled with cocktails — is basically irresistible.

And yet, I felt a little bit like Michael Corleone this weekend:

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

My trip to paradise was book-ended with bouts of reality.

First, Katie called me two days before the trip and started the phone call with, “I don’t want you to be alarmed, but…”  Turns out she had tested positive with the flu and was being quarantined in the infirmary at school. The tug of motherhood and need to administer TLC got me a plane a day earlier than planned and re-routed me to New Jersey.  Trust me, they may call it the Garden State, but New Jersey is no paradise!

I was happy to get Katie to a cool comfy bed in a cute B&B and stay by her side as she got the rest she needed. With her temperature down, her color restored, and her body rested, I happily boarded a plan down to the Bahamas. I know you can picture how awesome this was, but here are a few visual aids:

photo 1 photo photo 2

On my last day, I got into bed and was awakened at 2:00 am by a phone call from London. It is never a good thing to hear your phone ring at this time. Jackie was hysterical, sobbing incoherently into the phone. Her speech was halted by irregular breathing, and I was able to piece together something about cramps.. can’t sleep..stomach ache. I talked her through where to find medicine that might help, and then she screamed into the phone: I’m going to throw up!!!, keeping the phone right next to her as she heaved away, sharing every guttural projection with me as if I were there!

And so my brief visit to paradise started with the flu and ended with vomit.

I can thank my girls for keepin’ it real…

Pass me another margarita!

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