The Word of 2015


This is my new favorite word.

I’ve been reading all kinds of articles lately that have been passed around via Facebook or some other on line medium.  All seem to extoll the virtues of not giving a f___. (in some cases, quite literally:   Care a little less…loosen the reigns…don’t sweat the small stuff…the virtue of a skinned knee…

You get the idea.

I think it is sound advice, especially for me.

I heard this fabulous word when attending an informational college testing meeting for my high school sophomore.  These meetings are really targeted to the jittery rookies, and as the parent of a senior, I already know the ropes.  So I was relaxed as I sat back to take in the presentation.  The veteran counselor looked into the audience of panicked parents and offered this sage nugget:

Don’t catastrophize the process.

Having made the rookie error of catastrophizing everything in the process (sorry, Katie), this resonated with me.  It is my new catch phrase and mantra.

Both my daughters will go to college.  More important than where they study is what they learn…like how to be independent, happy, valuable people in this world.

When you really think about it, not much we worry about is truly catastrophic.  Things often feel like “momentous tragic events”, but in reality they rarely are.

When your mindset runs wild, 

“Stop catastrophizing and start revising”.

The new year is looking better already. 









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