Shoreditch, Brick by Brick

Sunday night on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

The street is pulsing with energy:  people strolling past eclectic markets and vintage stores,

photo 11



ethnic food wafting from outdoor stalls,

photo 12

music blaring from vinyl record stores, street art splashed along the walls,

photo 15

and Union Jacks providing appetizing background for Royal Beefcakes.

photo 14

Our last Sunday was energized by a stroll along Brick Lane to see the aptly named exhibit, The Art of the Brick, featuring the work of Nathan Sawaya.  The thing that made the experience so fascinating was that Sawaya sculpts solely in LEGOs.

photo 6

Sawaya abandoned his career as a corporate lawyer to pursue his love of art and found a unique way to express his creativity.  His medium may be reminiscent of childhood, but there is nothing childish about his work.  If he can imagine it, he can build it.

We walked passed LEGO interpretations of classic sculptures…

photo 3iconic paintings…

photo 2familiar portraits…

photo 8

and Pop royalty.


We were amazed by replicas of familiar objects that were life-like and perfectly proportioned…

photo 5

and by mundane objects that were surreal and creatively re-envisioned.

photo 4


photo 1No project is too big as Sawaya has tackled Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, and even a daunting T-Rex!

photo 7

The whole evening was so inspiring and served a nice new year’s reminder that it is never too late to do what you love and to build on your dreams.

photo 9


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