New Year, Same Old

Happy New Year…?

Is it a happy new year?  I’m not so sure.

So here is how the first week of 2015 has played out so far.  They say things happen in Threes…

1) The bathroom flooded

Nothing says “Welcome Home” like a bathroom covered in a layer of loo water.  Even better is not noticing the stagnant pool and stepping into the wet powder room in stocking feet.  Of course, the best part is then waiting for the repairman during the ever-inconvenient five hour window that completely paralyzes your day. Fun.

2) The phone broke

British Telecom has a lot to answer to.  I returned to a phone line that drops all incoming calls.  So much for keeping in touch. Talking on my home phone is like listening to music on a phonograph. My outgoing calls are enhanced by a constant crackling, fuzz, and clicking reminiscent of Alexander Graham Bell’s original invention. The BT engineer showed up unannounced today and managed to ransack our Office while looking for the external line, throw Lucy into hysteria that has rendered her hoarse, and disrupt my entire afternoon.  Joy.

3) My back went out

My new year’s resolution was to dust off my racquet and start playing tennis again. My mind was made up but my back was fed up.  One hour and 45 minutes into the two hour court time, my back gave out on a first serve.  I knew that familiar twinge and immediately walked off the court in defeat.  I am now hobbled over and walking like a three hundred year old crone.  Nice.

Here’s hoping your new year is off to a better start!

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