Tennis Anyone?…Oui!

I was off to Paris this week to catch the early rounds of the French Open.


Pink champagne, pastel macaroons, crisp white Panama hats….it must be tennis season in Paris!


As with everything else, the French do tennis in grand style.  In the stadiums the spectators look chic, in the restaurants the food is gourmet, at the bars the champagne is flowing……oh, and on the courts there is a lot of action on the red clay!

We arrived on Tuesday, the second official day of the French Open, to join friends who flew in from the US.  Every court at Roland Garros was occupied, and we were lucky to see superstars Venus, Djokovic, Tsongas, and Ferrer power through their matches over the course of two days.  The better seeded players easily vanquished their opponents with the exception of Venus.  She and her top-ranked sister, Serena, both lost simultaneously on adjacent courts Wednesday morning, providing the first major upset of the tournament.


The sun stubbornly refused to shine, but the rain held off as we watched tennis and dined in high style.  No pizza, fries, or tacos at this venue!   Behind the main stadium is the popular bar, a large lounge area where we enjoyed iced bottles of champagne and assorted sushi.


This year’s choice cocktail was a curious blend of champagne, melon, celery, and other herbs that created a surprisingly refreshing treat that easily enticed us off the courts.  Once again, there was more competition to find a free table in the lounge than a free seat in the stadium!  The French have their priorities in order!


We were fortunate to gain access to a private dining area one of the days, leisurely enjoying sea bream with a light rosé and a cheese selection with a full bodied red.  Djokovic was winning so handily that we had to speed through dessert so as not to miss the match.  With such good food and wine available, the tennis almost became a distraction!


Best of all, after a full day at the stadium, we had Paris to return to each evening in all its glory. There is no city more beautiful than Paris where everything seems sensual:  the soft curves of the cream colored buildings, the gentle intricacy of the woven iron terraces, the romantic composition of gilded statues… all lit by the smoldering glow of stylish street lamps.


Tennis + Paris = The ultimate Love Match



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