The Lollipop Scorpion Bowl

I was recently reminded about life being a glass of a liquid.

You can either see if as half full or half empty.

My daughter Jackie sat across from my at the Sugar Factory in New York, a place where I spent a whopping $36 on a signature drink which I will call the Lollipop Luau.


It was basically an over sized scorpion bowl of electric green Kool-Aid garnished with giant colorfully striped lollipops tied neatly together with candy bracelets.  As if that were not enough, this concoction was theatrically topped with dry ice, and through the wisps of smoke that wafted before our eyes, I could see that Jackie had a huge smile on her face as she took her first sip.


Five minutes later she looked as green as her drink. She had managed to reduce the sickeningly sweet liquid by a meager half inch, and her bowl was still dauntingly full.   She whispered to me,

 Mom, what am I going to do?

About what?

I can’t finish this drink!  I’m not even close.  What do I do?

We started giggling wondering if it was humanly possible to finish that drink. Maybe a gaggle of hyperactive toddlers could take it down, but on her own it was hopeless. I assured her it was OK to leave it as her fascination with the Lollipop Luau had worn off about as quickly as the effects of the dry ice.

Now that the drink was no longer the main focus, she looked at me seriously and said,

Mom, let’s face it, your life is pretty much over.


 You know what I mean, your life is finished.

(Again) WHAT?!

She rolled her eyes for effect and patiently explained with this logic:

What do you have to look forward to? I mean, you have already lived your life. The only thing left to look forward to is MY life.

I was speechless.  All I could think to myself was: Seriously?!  My silent shock was broken as Jackie continued:

Think about it. What are you excited for?  MY graduation… MY acceptance to college… MY marriage… MY children….

I have to admit, the kid makes a good point.

It was funny to see the world through Jackie’s self-absorbed teenage eyes.

If I were to look at my life’s proverbial glass as half-empty, I would admit that the majority of my life choices have been made. Ever the optimist, I prefer to see my glass as half-full as there is still so much to look forward to and to experience in MY life while also enjoying all that lies ahead for my daughters.  I plan to continue drinking from my half-full glass for a long time to come…

Just as long as my glass doesn’t have a Lollipop Luau in it!


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