The truth is in the tea leaves

Last night, I didn’t have tea to drink but had my tea leaves read.


This entailed taking a sip from a cup in which loose tea leaves were floating in tepid water.  Those leaves were then swirled and dumped into an empty glass.  What remained in the cup was loose bits stuck on the sides and bottom in a seemingly haphazard display.

And yet, I discovered the residue in my cup was not at all random.

Carefully and mysteriously, the tea reader sat and studied the leaves.  After a few moments, she looked up at me and said, “You are divorced“.

Hmmm.  I shook my head and began to wonder about the veracity of her practice.  She knit her brows somewhat confounded and said, “OK, you are married…but the leaves tell me that you and your spouse have an erratic energy in which you are often apart“.


Then she went on to say, “I see a lot of travel…as if a bag is always packed….I see Australia and New Zealand“.


We are definitely the definition of frequent travelers abroad and back to home and just recently visited NZ in December.

I was beginning to take interest.  Again, she looked deep into the cup and said, “You have children.  One is an artist and looks to have art in her life as a future career.  The other is a writer“.


We just completed Jackie’s school planning meeting in which we emphasized that she will aim to achieve AP Studio Art in her senior year.  She considers future careers in the design field where a foundation in art is valuable.  Jackie had just called me that evening to tell me about the new portrait she is creating in her private art lessons.  Katie is looking into colleges with strong English or Journalism departments as she thinks she’d like to be a writer one day.

Last, she peered into the cup and announced, “Despite chaos and some uncertainty, there is no place else you’d rather be than exactly where you are at this moment in life.


At that exact moment, I was at a dear friend’s 50th birthday party in Greenwich, CT surrounded by people I have known and loved for a long time, people who are an indelible part of my history.  In the less immediate moment, I am in London living in a stimulating city surrounded by new friends who are becoming an intrinsic part of my future.

I live in nation of tea drinkers.

Who knew there was so much to be gleaned in my daily cuppa? 

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