The Season for Miracles

Question: What does the Louvre in Paris have in common with my home in London?


Answer: A glass pyramid centered in the entry courtyard


Move over, I.M. Pei!

Apparently my repairman did not reckon that a glass structure that is approximately 10′ x 8′ would be too heavy and too cumbersome to handle on his own.  With regret, he informed me that he could not carry it up the scaffolding.  When I got a bit annoyed, he tarted replied, “You can try to lift it, luv“.


And so my new glass skylight is now taking up permanent residence in my courtyard until a crane can be scheduled to haul it up and into place.  I am assured that this will all take place while I am on holiday.  The glass ceiling structure will be installed, the interior will be trimmed out and painted, the eye-sore scaffolding will be removed.

What are the odds?

In the mean time, my roof continues to leak, though I’m told it has been repaired.  This does not bode well.

Still, I’d like to believe. 

After all, this is the season for miracles!

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