It’s Christmas Jumper Day!

It may be grim Friday the 13th on the calendar,

but it is cheerful Christmas Jumper Day here in London!


What is that?, you ask.  What exactly is a jumper?

I turn to the icon, Bridget Jones, for reference.  Americans may remember this “appalling” Christmas jumper worn by a certain Mark Darcy at the Turkey Curry Buffet:


The Christmas jumper really is a thing here in London, as traditional as eggnog and mince pies.  All the shops boast a wide collection and some pop up stores even cater to this market:


As they say, When in Rome…  And so I found myself at an Christmas jumper party last night happily embracing the theme with a great group of friends.


My jumper featured a large reindeer head with a red nose that lit up with movement.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit…bring it, Rudolph!

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