It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

After a wonderful 10 days stateside over Thanksgiving, I am back in London.

Two priceless pieces of news greeted me upon return.

First, Lucy enjoyed her holiday in Wales.  I was informed in her report that she was an “angel” who had been “sweet and happy and playful and really very relaxed”.  It is always good to know that Lucy continues to enjoy the good life while we are away.  But, true to form, she had what was aptly described as a “MadLucyMoment“.  Apparently, it involved a moorhen this time.  Lu went off on a wild rampage in an futile attempt to catch it.  Thank  Goodness the bird survived.  You may recall the “dead dove” surcharge on a previous Lucy holiday.   I can only imagine the going rate on a moorhen!


Second, I continue my relationship with utterly incompetent repairmen who leave me completely incredulous.  My roof leaks.  Buckets have been laid beneath light fixtures in our top floor room which serves as our main family room area.  Repairmen came over to survey the damage and discovered a rotted exterior roof that defies several laws of physics by still standing.  My roof literally sags and is littered with huge gaping holes and rotten beams that crumble upon impact.  Best of all, I discovered that the sky light window that sits directly above the stairwell is being held together by duct tape.  That’s right, duct tape! 

The skylight looked so perilous that the lead repairman turned to me and asked, “Do you use your stairs?”  Seriously, he asked me this question!  To be clear, the stairs are the main artery of the house that link the first floor to the bedrooms on level two and the TV room on level three. “Yes“, I replied, “I do indeed use my stairs.”  He shook his head in defeat as if admonishing me for doing so!  He then went on to explain that if the non-safety plated, thin sheets of glass panels broke free from their dubious duct tape hold, one could be decapitated while climbing the stairs.  Lovely.

I’m not sure which is worse:  Having to brew 12 cups of cappuccino for a guy who then propositions me with the opportunity to “have a go” or having the fear of God put into me for being stupid enough to actually use my stairwell which, as it turns out, is a glass guillotine!

So lovely to be back in Good Old England…the land of mad dogs and even madder repairmen!



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