In a pickle

Anyone up for a “slap ‘n pickle”?!

No, I’m not getting kinky, so wipe that thought out of your dirty mind!

And no, I’m not in some back alley of Soho.

I am dining at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Pollen Street Social, in buttoned-up Mayfair.  Jason Atherton is a restauranteur who is known for his creativity.  Case in point, we are not being presented with an antique dictionary….


…but with the chef’s surprise amuse bouche!


So back to the pickle predicament.  One could say that the “slap ‘n pickle” in there to wet your whistle.


Of course, I had to try one:


Even after several cocktails and a bottle of wine, this was a tough drink to get down.  Pickle juice should be avoided in cocktails!  I might have been more pleased with the Grape Expectations, perhaps the best cocktail name of all time.

Pickles aside, our meal was delicious, and I highly recommend Pollen Street Social.

I am forever having fun with cheeky British menu items, and here is a special selection I devised:

Grilled spatchcock washed down with a slap ‘n pickle and followed by some spotted dick

Now that’s the kind of meal that Meg Ryan might have really enjoyed

in that infamous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally!

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