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Sometimes I find it hard to stomach the British food offered in stores and on menus.

I find the often humorous British food amusing if not actually appetizing.  Here are a few of my recent favorite British culinary curiosities.

Let’s start with the pies.  I am constantly reminded that a pie is not necessarily a sweet dessert in England.  More often than not, it is a savory concoction of incompatible items such as pork, chicken, and apricots.  They say to never judge a book by its cover.  Well, I say to never trust a pie from its topping.  As the forefront of this picture reveals, depending upon your view, this pie can look like a sweet apricot tart or a slice of meatloaf!

We recently dined at the new hot spot, Hoi Polloi, located in the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London’s version of Brooklyn filled with hipsters wearing vintage.  The restaurant is lovely, and the food is wonderful.  Yet, two unusual menu items are worth noting.  First is the inscrutable appetizer know as Puffy Scratchings.  This is not an allergic condition, but rather London’s version of the American pork rind.  These pork skins can be of varying hardness, usually with a crust, which may have a chunk of crispy meat still attached.  Yum?


For dessert, the menu went on to offer a rather odd beverage, Bubbly Milk:


I inquired and learned that bubbly milk is essentially a latte minus the espresso.  My favorite flavor offered is the Boozy Rum.  Maybe this should be Starbuck’s newest flavor of the month…that will get everyone’s day off to a good start!  I’ll take one grande cappuccino with an extra shot of boozy rum.  Cheers!

Last, I recently found some “cheeky chocolate” on the shelves in a local gourmet store:

The packaging is hilarious…”Nice try kid, but it’s not for you“.  My guess is that it’s not really for anybody.

Food aside, there are many things I love about London.  I recently compiled a list of my Top Ten Things to Do in London.  Take a look at my friend Lindley’s blog site,  The Sentimentalist ( which is always filled with interesting ideas, compelling commentary, and fun fashion.  Lindley asked me to reflect on the expat experience and all the best things to do in London to avoid the tourist traps.  I even found some food worth eating!

One could say, the writing assignment gave me something “to chew on” and my readers a lot to “digest”!


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