Fall in London

Actually, this being London, it often feels more like early Winter.

Huddled under two coats, a wool hat, and gloves, I did manage to find evidence of Fall as I traipsed around Westminster with my camera last week.  The mercurial sky changed from cheerful bright blue to solemn white gray to angry slate blue, all within minutes.

Case in point are these two pictures taken near the London Eye within moments of one another.  They appear to have been taken on completely different days!



When I was back in northern CT, the trees were all bursting with color.  Down near Soutbank, I found evidence of Fall with a colorful trifecta of foliage in the yellows, oranges, and reds that define the season.

Though, in London, it is easier to find golden accents in places other than the trees.


Much like Fall in the U.S., these days I find myself repeatedly bundling up and then stripping off layers to comfortably face the capricious weather patterns.  The New England saying applies here too: “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes…”

Fall is England is not quite as vibrant New England, but it remains charming in its own way.

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