A Dog Day Afternoon

This Saturday was a perfect dog day afternoon…literally.

Primrose Hill park hosted its annual Dog Fair, complete with booths for pet enthusiasts, exhibitions of dog training, and organic treats for dogs and their human counterparts.

We took a stroll with Lucy and got quite a surprise.  We were amazed to see her image proudly displayed across the top banner in the booth of the artist, Sara Abbott (look right above Sara’s head)


I met Sara last year at this same event and commissioned a pooch portrait for Jeff last Christmas.  I know, I realize I probably need some kind of psychological help….but how could I resist?!!

I later learned that Sara has a permanent display of her work in the “pet wing” on a top floor of Harrods.  A visit to London is not complete without a tour of the Harrods’ pet-apoolza where you can observe pampered pooches getting a blow dry, pick from the litter of cute puppies, shop for all kinds of extravagant accessories, and purchase pop doggie art!

In her promotional materials, a fan of Sara’s work comments:

Her portraits capture not only an uncanny likeness, but also the spirit and character of the animal.  She has rare talent for getting under the fur and touching the soul.

And there you have it.

You decide if this is indeed true as you compare the original photograph and the final portrait:



Leave it to Lucy to find the limelight in London.







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