Friendship is in Bloom

Sometimes the bloom does NOT come off the rose….or cherry tree, as it were.


This past weekend I reunited In New York City with my three roommates from graduate school as I have been doing for nearly 20 years.

These “Ya Ya Sisterhood” weekends are cherished by all of us.  I am lucky that we “Ya Yas” never Yo-Yo…our friendships have been constant through the years. The physical distance between us has never affected the emotional connection among us.

Once upon a time, we went “around the world” at dorm parties with signature drinks from different countries in every room.  Now we literally travel around the world to catch up over countless cocktails and cappuccino, carefully balancing the alcohol-to-caffeine ratio.

We are MBAs (Mothers Bringing up Adolescents).  Suddenly our kids are borrowing the car keys, looking at colleges, and going on dates.  They are closer to the age we met than we are!


After a lazy day meandering through the streets of SoHo and the West Village, our shopping bags were bursting nearly as much as the spectacular cherry tree blossoms surrounding us.  Dana noted that I have been on the cherry tree trail this April, starting at the Tidal Basin in DC, moving to St. James Park in London, and ending in Washington Square Park in New York City.

Those blossoms are beautiful but ephemeral. Our friendships are everlasting and always in bloom.


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