Last week was filled with signs that caught my attention.

On our way to lunch Monday, my girlfriend pulled into the car park in Marylebone and was greeted by this sign:


Casual Parkers?  I didn’t know parking could be a formal affair.  The lot was nearly empty, and the attendant waved us through. My girlfriend gamely thanked him for allowing us to casually park.  We toyed with the idea of leaving the car slightly askew or parking horizontally in a vertical spot to demonstrate just how casual we were.

On Wednesday, I wandered down our local High Street and noticed a new frozen yogurt shop called Snog had just opened.  I was amused by their slogan:


Very cheeky.  As you may know, snogging is British slang for kissing and cuddling.  Fancy a snog indeed!  Speaking of snogging….

This last message needs no explanation in any language.  On our way out to dinner Friday night, Jackie and I walked past this car parked outside our driveway.  It made me think of Jeff’s friend, Edd, who died tragically a few years ago, leaving behind a wife and three small children.  This had been his mantra.  It became a game at his home to see who could be the first to enthusiastically declare it after someone said, “I love you”.


I am glad this car was casually parked in front of my home, 

and I think I would fancy a snog with someone whose heart was filled with that message.

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