Spanish Senoritas

Last week both of my daughters were in Spain.  Separately…

…and unaccompanied by either Jeff or me.

Katie was in Madrid exploring with a friend from school, and Jackie was in Valencia traveling with her Spanish class.

Crazy.  Or should I say, loco.

Katie joined a friend Nina to visit her family in Madrid.  She and Nina were literally on their own every day, heading out to catch a train to a new Spanish town to explore.  They set their own itinerary and embraced their new independence.  Katie rattled off the names of museums, parks, palaces, plazas…she saw it all!  Apparently, she is a keen sightseer when she sets her own sights and creates her own agendas.  Being dragged by mom and dad to see things is literally a drag.


I marvel that once upon a time, I did not let my girls stroll along Greenwich Avenue with friends.  They were not allowed to walk home from our local town in the dark.  I drove them to play dates and waited for the mom to wave before driving away.

How strange that I did not even flinch as Katie told me about taking the wrong bus, getting routed to a sketchy neighborhood, and navigating through dark streets to find her way home.  Getting lost was just part of her adventure and finding her way was her personal reward.

Jackie was not quite as free as she followed a well-prepared itinerary that included stadium tours, dolphin shows, beach strolls, flamenco dancing, paella tasting, and market shopping.  Her rare texts to me contained many exclamation points:  Today was awesome!!!!!!  We ate churros!!!!!!! 

photo 3

Both girls agreed that their trips were “the best ever”.

Katie is now in London with us for a few days.  I was excited to hang out with the intrepid explorer from Spain.  Instead I have encountered a lethargic, moody teenager who doesn’t feel like doing anything.  Where did Spanish Katie go?  I’m told in a wistful tone:  Mom, it was just different being on my own with Nina….

Jackie is also back in all her apathetic glory.  Where did Spanish Jackie go?  I told Jackie is was so good to have her home.  Her reply:  I wish I were back in Spain…

And so I say adios to my Spanish Senoritas. 

I let them go for the week, but I realize it will soon be time to really let go…with no guaranteed return date.


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