The List

As you may have heard, Santa is coming to town…

So we are making The List.  This used to be an emotionally charged activity that required  a new package of colored markers, hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, carefully hand-drawn candy canes and Christmas trees, and painstakingly neat handwriting listing items such as Polly Pocket Fairyland, American Doll anything, and sparkly headbands.  This list would be stamped and mailed directly to the North Pole.

My how things have changed.

Today, I was sent an email from Jackie entitled “List“.  As far as I can tell, over 15 of the 20 items were some kind of variation of an oversized striped crewneck sweater.  Here are some items that require further review:

You know you are in new territory when your teenage daughter requests a string item from a store called Nastygirl. Further, I cannot believe that anyone wants to own something that is described as striped, bulky, dumpy, baggy and bat-winged!!   Last, who needs a phone cover adorned with rhinestones, buttons, and stickers….really?

Katie’s list was simpler.  She wrote one word:


I told her that they don’t make that in the workshop.

I long for the days of Barbie.  Though I am worried that Jackie may have been overly influenced by Barbie’s taste in fashion.  Can’t you just picture the new Nasty Barbie decked out in her striped bat-winged sweater, carrying a string fringed purse, holding a rhinestone button sticker iphone?

Let’s just say, I’m checking the list, checking it twice….

trying to make sure we avoid naughty and remain nice.

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