Frequent Flyer

I have become more than a frequent flyer.

The reality of living abroad when you have a child in the US is that you spend the majority of your time planning flights, booking flights, cancelling flights, changing flights, re-booking flights….you get the picture.  There is no glamor in this whatsoever.  It is truly the most boring task on the planet.

I try to spice things up by giving it a fun “game name”:  Airline Jenga.

This game requires concentration and mental acuity as I attempt to nail down dates, challenged by two completely different school calendars and one totally non-committal husband.  Tremendous patience is required, especially when going bonus rounds and raising the stakes by trying to use frequent flyer miles.  Like the Hasbro version of Jenga, there are many moving parts which create instability and uncertainty at all times.

You know you are playing way too much Airline Jenga when this happens to you.  This weekend, I called BA to change a flight (a constant threat in Airline Jenga).  After listening to the annoying muzak that I can sing to by heart (and that sometimes runs repeatedly through my head in the middle of the night as if I am on eternal hold), someone finally answered the phone:

BAHi, this is Larry.  How can I help you?

CathyLarry?  Larry Johnson?!!

BAYes, who is this?

CathyIt’s Cathy Dishner!

BA:   Cathy!!! How are you?  How are the girls?  Is your daughter happy away at school?……

You can see where this is going.  Jeff walked into the kitchen, saw me chatting away and asked who was on the phone.  He said under his breath, “I thought you were calling the airline”.  I explained in an animated stage whisper that it was LARRY JOHNSON FROM BA!  He shook his head and walked away.  Clearly he didn’t share my excitement.

Do you think this is what is meant by the Friendly Skies?

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