Name Dropping

It’s Pippa!

As we stepped outside our taxi and headed toward 5 Hertford last night, we were blinded by a blast of flashing bulbs.  The two girls walking into the club in front of us attracted a lot of paparazzi attention.  I said jokingly to Jeff, “It’s probably Pippa”.

Indeed it was.  And may I say, Pippa is truly spectacular.  Much more attractive in person than in photographs.  I thought I might have to request emergency resuscitation for Jeff who literally seemed unable to breathe in her presence.

As the night continued, we glimpsed Harry’s flamboyant old flame, Chelsy Davy, socializing in the outdoor bar.  True to her reputation, she was bubbly, blond, and beautiful. I kept hoping Harry might suddenly appear…then it would be me who required the emergency resuscitation!

Down in the dining room, we walked past a perfectly coiffed Valentino who was enjoying a dinner among a group of young attractive boys.  His face looked unnaturally taught, frozen, and tanned.  A bit like a sunburnt turtle who should retreat back into his black cashmere turtleneck.

OK, no more name dropping.

We were out on the town with our good friends, Jill and Rob, who were visiting London.  They moved back to the US after just one expat year.  They miss the experience and feel a bit stifled at home.  Pippa does not usually belly up to the bar at the local watering hole in downtown Maryland!  It is as though the glittery people we ran into were in some way symbolic of the glamorous life we lead abroad.

I’ve been told that my recent blogs have been less filled with excitement and wonder.  In some ways this is true.  I always tell my girls, “You only get one chance to make a first impression“.  Our first year in London inspired a unique perspective that cannot be recaptured.  Much of what I found noteworthy last year, I do not really notice this year.

However, I do not take one moment for granted.  The expat lifestyle is extraordinary as it provides a new canvas upon which to design a new life, try a new perspective, foster a new passion, forge a new friendship.

I approach every day with eyes wide open…

though I do have to blink occasionally when caught in the flashing lights that surround the Pippas of the world!



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