A Day Tripper meets a Beatle

This week started and ended with a bang. 

First a Day Tripper.  Then a Beatle.

Monday I went to Paris….for the day.

With Jackie away on a school trip, Lucy busy with her dog walking companions, and Jeff toiling at work, I literally had no reason not to go.  I traded the torrential downpours in London for warm sunshine in Paris. My friend and I ambled around the city with no agenda.  We walked and walked from the Louvre, along the left bank of the Seine, through the Latin Quarter, past Notre Dame, along the paths in the lovely Luxenbourg Gardens, past the golden dome of Les Invalides, and finally under the iron lattice of the Eiffel Tower.  I spent the night, visited the Marais the next morning, and then headed back to London in the afternoon. That was a très bien 24 hours!

I marvel that it is easier to grab my passport and leave London to board the Eurostar to Paris for the day than it was for me to buy a Metro-North ticket and leave Greenwich, CT to venture into NYC for an afternoon. Incroyable!

La Palais Luxenbourg

Friday I met Paul McCartney…in the (sweaty) flesh.

The venue was far less fabulous than Paris, as I was drenched in sweat on a bike at the very low-key Lord’s Cricket Club gym.  There to my left, maybe 10 feet away, was Sir Paul running on the treadmill.  The Brits are so reserved and contained that I didn’t want to seem like an typical American fanatic. Though I couldn’t help stealing glances as he lifted weights, did crunches, and finally pushed himself into a handstand which he proceeded to hold forever!  Seriously, as I sat on the mat next to him, I kept wondering if too much blood was pooling into his head!  He was very cordial with all the other people at the gym, and we ended up grabbing our coats to leave at the same time.  We had a lovely chat, and he could not have been nicer.  I told him about the original Abbey Road photograph Jeff gave me as a gift and the family shot we took at the famous crossing.  He smiled and said that was the “perfect cultural reference to your local neighborhood and your London experience.” I wonder what memories that photograph has for him.

When I told my mom about the encounter she said, “Now you can come home“.  But alas, that journey is a long and winding road….


 Not a bad week though when a Day Tripper meets a Beatle!






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