Sugar & Spice

 I am recently reminded of a Christmas card I sent years ago with the heading: Sugar & Spice

Over the years, we developed nicknames for the girls that were both phonetically pleasing and incredible apt:  Katie Lady and Wacky Jackie.  My own tandem pair of sugar and spice and everything nice.

I just said goodbye to my sweet Katie today; the sugar in my life.  She is happily settled in her new digs, busy making new friends, and eager to embark on a new adventure.  Her sweet smile radiates with the joy of anticipation.

On the other side of the pond, left to their own devices, Jeff and Jackie geared up in camouflage, survived on a steady diet of chips and candy, and were utterly “helpless” (Jackie’s word, not mine) as they could not operate any of the appliances in the Barbie kitchen and laundry room.  Spicy enough?

I know I should embrace the spice of life, but I will miss it’s sweetness too.

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