Life’s a Beach!

Where are all the people?  At the beach…in the middle of London!

There has been quite a lot of press about the empty seats in the Olympic stadiums.  I found the crowds today.

Beach Volleyball is the perfect cocktail of one part sport, two parts spectacle, and a splash of party with a twist of dancing!

The usually reticent Brits get rowdy as cheeky announcers coax loud cheers by claiming that Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to nap at 10 Downing Street located next door to the venue…”he doesn’t stand a chance!”  Three DJs spin an eclectic pulsing mix including AC/DC, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Van Halen and the Beach Boys to keep the music and the crowd’s adrenaline pumping.  Cheerleaders shimmy out on to the sand with synchronized splendor during all breaks and dance to the Benny Hill theme in 1950s-style swimsuits.  Spectators wash down their oysters with champagne and their Hog Roasts with beer.  The charged atmosphere feels more like a summer party than an Olympic sport.

Women draw the biggest crowds.  Is it their sporty prowess or their skimpy bikinis?  There doesn’t seem to be much of a debate with local headlines like the Daily Mirror’s: “Cheeky Girls on Parade!

As for sartorial equality, why aren’t the men in speedos?….or at least shirtless?

Jeff and I walked to the stadium in the rain, but the clouds made way for bright sunshine during the matches.  It felt like the beach was the right place to hang out and this party was too good to miss.

As at any party, best to have a spiked drink in hand….

while watching the spikes at the net!

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