Let the Games Begin!

I’m back!  Nothing like a little serendipity to spice up my re-entry.

Though the rest of the week is filled with Olympic events, my first day back was a blank slate.

Jill and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine, a rare London commodity even in the summer, and walk from our neighborhood to Borough Market.  On this trek, we wound our way through Hyde Park with its giant TV screens broadcasting the Olympics, around Buckingham Palace and the Horse Guards Parade which features Beach Volleyball,  down Pall Mall towards Westminster, across the Thames with the Olympic rings floating down river,  past the Tate and the Globe enlivened by a festival atmosphere of pop-up Olympic stores and amusement park rides, arriving at the base of London Bridge and the famous Borough Market.

My Fit Flops clapped along the cobblestones as my wounded toe still refuses to be confined by a closed shoe.  They logged some serious mileage!  I was grateful to sit along side Southwark cathedral and enjoy the flavors of my favorite chopped salad and the conversation of my favorite London companion.

It was a great day.  Then it suddenly got even better.

A man in a track suit approached Jill and me.  He said he worked for Oakley, the sporty sunglass company, and had some excellent seats to Olympic tennis at the Wimbeldon venue that he could not use.  It “killed him to leave the seats empty“.  Would we want them?

At first we turned him away, doubting his veracity, and we continued our foodie mission of purchasing chocolate, the best coda to any meal.  But the tennis fanatic within me just couldn’t resist.  I ran after him and said I’d be happy to take the tickets off his hands.  They looked legit, and I am a trusting type.

Jill had other plans and bowed out, and I found myself on yet another trek out to The All England Club.  In a Fit Flop frenzy, I scampered off to ride a tube, an overground rail, and a shuttle bus.  Within 30 minutes, I found myself standing outside the most famous Centre Court in the world!

The tickets were legit, and my seats were truly awesome.  I settled in 5 rows off the grass in the center of the court!

I just missed Federer who walked off the court victorious just moments before I found my seat.  But,  Juan Martin DelPotro and Andreas Seppi put on quite a show and battled it out in a great match that ended in a tie breaking victory for DelPotro.  There was no need to test the new rain-proof roof, as the sun streamed down and the tennis balls whizzed by.  I was in heaven!

What a great way to catch the Olympic spirit and return to my expat experience of adventure!





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