The Sound of Sharks


Jaws is back this summer.  Digitized and remixed just in time to terrify movie audiences everywhere.

Jackie saw Jaws several years ago and was completely traumatized.  Technology has come a long way since the ’70s, and yet, that maniacal mechanical shark still packs a good punch!  Jackie firmly believes that all bodies of water are infested with dorsal fins.

This weekend, we were not in infamous Martha’s Vineyard but beautiful Bridgehampton visiting my brother and his family.  We kicked off the weekend in the bay on a boat that was fully rigged with assorted water sports.  It was a perfect summer day, the sun was shining on our tanned shoulders, and the water beckoned at an inviting 80 degrees.

Jackie is always reluctant to get in the water because of the aforementioned Jaws Syndrome. But a big tube provides an oasis of safety, and no self-respecting 14 year old can be shown up by her eager 4 year old cousin.  Everything was off to a great start.

Then, Jackie was attacked….

…by a jellyfish.  The other silent sea stalker.  Jackie’s reaction to the acute sting was extreme.  This painful encounter reinforced all her fears about the dangers of the water.  Her dramatic histrionics spun out of control as quickly as her foot swelled with angry itchy bumps.

While Jackie nursed her wound and ramped up her fears, Katie blithely jumped into the bay and started carving it up on a slalom ski.  Sibling rivalry trumped irrational fear.  With a determined look of resignation on her face, Jackie was compelled to prove that she, too, was agile on a water ski.  When she completed her ride and awaited rescue in the water, she predictably panicked screaming, “There are sharks in here….I can hear them!!!







I’m not sure you can hear a shark, but you can definitely see one clearly in this picture recently taken in Cape Cod, MA. where a great white shark was sighted off the coast of Nauset Beach last week.  We are heading up to Orleans next weekend to visit Jeff’s family on the Cape.  Nauset Beach is around the corner from his parent’s house, and we swim there every summer.

I can only imagine Jackie’s reaction to the breaking news in local papers : “Lifeguards and swimmers spotted the shark some 100 to 150 yards off Nauset Beach in Orleans Saturday afternoon. The 12-14 foot shark was last seen swimming away from shore…It was a horrific moment straight out of a Jaws film when a man in a kayak looked over his shoulder to see the tip of a shark’s fin emerging.

To the poor fellow in the kayak, I can’t help but steal Roy Scheider’s classic line:

You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”…

…and Jackie is gonna need a giant sedative.

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