The Trifecta

They say things “happen in threes”.  Especially bad luck.

If so, today was my hat trick.

It started with the simple task of taking Lucy for a walk.  The humidity had lifted, and I was feeling ready to pick up the pace and add some running strides to our walking routine.  Lucy will not cross over the edge of our driveway without being carried to safety just past our mailbox.  This is not another canine prima donna stance, but a true fear of the electric fence that has zapped her on several occasions.  I bent down, got under her 50+ pounds of fur, and gave one good lift that sent a spasm down my back, shooting through my lower vertebrae to the familiar sweet spot of pain that I know all too well.  So much for those running strides.  Instead, I took slow stiff steps back to the house.

I had a dentist appointment later that morning.  Part of the fun of being home is stuffing in every dentist, orthodontist, OB/GYN, and pediatrician appointment you can within a short time frame.  So off I went to my bi-annual dental cleaning…or so I thought.  The dentist had other plans.  He had been saving my new crown since December, eagerly awaiting my summer return.  My old crown had taken permanent residence in my lower jaw and was not too pleased with being evicted.  After two shots of novocaine, and endless drilling, scraping, sanding, and wrenching, the old crown finally abdicated its throne.  Three hours later, I left with a frozen face that was half-numb and a tongue that felt swollen and incapable of speech or consumption.  I had skipped breakfast, and lunch would have to wait.

I decided to stop at the grocery store on my way home.  This seems innocuous enough.  As I maneuvered my cart at the check-out line, I accidentally slammed my toe into a portable display.  The steel beam holding up the brownies and flowers did not yield to my pinkie toe.  I had that sudden sensation of nausea that accompanies acute pain.  I limped back to the car, and watched my toe grow in size and turn a lovely shade of deep blue.  I think it is broken.  It will not tolerate a shoe for quite some time.  Good thing it is flip flop weather.  Now my blue nail polish compliments my toe!


My luck will hopefully change, and in the meantime, I’ll try not to feel too blue!

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