Magical Mallorca

¡Hola! from Mallorca

Today is the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer.  The sun is still blazing at 8:00 pm as I write.  Truly blazing. I cannot think of a better place to spend this eternal day than magical Mallorca.

Here, every day is elongated with a rhythm that is like the lazy lull of a lapping ocean, consistently calm and relaxing.  We sink into this new routine with ease.  No more tours, busy cities, must-see sites, cultural curiosities.

Mallorca is a mosaic of sensations arousing all five senses.

Bougainvillea flowers explode in vibrant magentas and hot pinks.  Palm trees rustle as they sway with the gentle sea breezes.  A warm ocean laps gently against pebbly beaches.  Sun-baked golden stone cottages are adorned with green shutters.  Mountains of craggy red rocks jut into the rugged landscape and provide contrast to the serene blue sea.  Impossibly windy roads weave through quaint towns.  Olive trees with their knotted and gnarled bark cover the hills.  Seafood paellas and regional tapas are accompanied by minty mojitos and robust red wines.  Small bodegas sell cool white linen shirts with detailed embroidery and silver jewelry accented by colorful stones.  A town festival is in full swing, and Spanish guitar melodies echo gently against the hills.


Our days are spent escaping the arid heat in the pool or sea.  Lunches are eaten on terraces overlooking the ocean.  Fresh fish is always on the menu.  So are crisp white wines or sparkling cava, the local champagne.  We always seem to be hiking up to these destinations, the extent of our physical exertion for the day.

One day we decide to take a real hike, descending along dry dusty paths to the ocean and then traversing along the craggy coastline.  Stone walls built over 500 years old remain standing, carving terraces along the steep hillside.  The vistas are beautiful, and cool sea breezes feel like pockets of air conditioning providing welcome relief from the unrelenting sun and heat.

Mallorca evokes aspects of various diverse places:  a famous golf hole along the sea at Pebble Beach, the coastline of Carmel, the mountain ranges of Jackson Hole, the giant rock formations in the seas of Cabo San Lucas, the ancient stone terraces traversing the steep hills of Peru, the charming hilltowns of Tuscany…somehow all are captured here.

Mallorca is best experienced by boat as many beaches are unattainable on foot.  The coastline is surrounded by a solid craggy wall of striated stone formations that are both imposing and beautiful.   We discover quiet inlets for snorkeling, giant rocks for jumping, and small caves for exploring while spending a day on the sea.


Mallorca is like Sangria: 

It is a truly sweet elixir that is easy to intake and leaves you utterly relaxed and in high spirits.


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