Born to Run

Sunday morning we were running in different directions.

Jeff has been running with Katie for the past several months, training together for the Bupa London 10k race.  Katie was skeptical and started off kicking and screaming, but in the end, she was getting up at 6 a.m. and dragging Jeff out of bed (kicking and screaming) to get in a few miles before school!

Sunday morning was race day, and the dynamic duo was suited up and ready to go!

Over 10,000 people participated in the event.  The Thames was lined with supporters cheering and bands playing to bolster the runners’ spirits.  Katie “crushed” Jeff (his word, not mine), and the two of them crossed the finish line at Buckingham Palace, had a wonderful experience, and came home with matching medals.

While they were sweating with physical exertion, Jackie was sweating with emotional anticipation as she officially joined our new church in a Confirmation ceremony.

This month our minister has started a sermon series improbably entitled, Rock of Ages.  I thought it was incredibly apropos that the morning’s gospel message centered on the Bruce Springsteen anthem, Born to Run.  Somehow the minister linked this iconic song to Pentecostal Sunday.  In the end, the Confirmands got their certificates, the minister gave the final blessing, and then suddenly The Boss blared throughout the church:  “Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run!”  The church was rockin’, a perfect welcome for Jackie who is all rock and roll!

It was a great day, and spirits ran high among all of us!

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