Nice is nice

The French know how to live in style.  Life is not merely good….it is très bien!

This past weekend we flew to Nice and escaped to Cannes with good friends to celebrate a birthday and our anniversary.

Suddenly, I felt just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  Horrendous weather forced her to leave the black and white world of Kansas and arrive in the technicolor glory of Oz.  Trading the unrelenting rain and gloomy gray of London for the sunshine and colorful joie de vivre of southern France felt equally dramatic.

People say France has that certain “je ne sais pas“.  I know exactly what it is…FLAIR!  Everything has panache.

Even the food is stylish.  I have had great fun mocking the unappealing food in London.  The standard fare of goose liver parfait, mushy peas, and braised kidneys has done nothing to whet my appetite (if anything, it has had the opposite effect!)  In France, the menus tempt you and seem to overtly flirt with offers of  “sexy beef tartare” and “electric lipstick dessert”, a concoction of chocolate and strawberries that literally makes you smack your lips with pleasure.

In London, heavy ales are needed to help wash down the lumpy meals.  In France, rosé wine is referred to as “pink water”, the perfect refreshment to accompany the decorative delicacies dressed up in festive flowers.

Over two days we ventured from the sea-lined boulevards of Cannes to the ancient walled villages of  Tourettes and Saint Paul de Vence.  Each had a style of its own.  We explored their individual charms as we wandered aimlessly and enjoyed leisurely meals together.

It goes without saying that the French people have fashion flair.  Forget covering up in bulky Barbour.  Here chic little outfits are designed to flaunt not hide what lies beneath the fabric.  No wellies needed.  Regardless of age, women teeter on impossibly high heels and navigate the cobbled streets with grace.

Do you think that if I click my high heels, I can go back? 

There’s no place like France….There’s no place like France



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