Drought…in London?!

When two English people meet the first topic of conversation is the weather —  Dr. Samuel Johnson

OK.  Let’s talk about the weather.  The big news is that England is facing its worse drought in decades.

Really??!  This must be a joke.

It has been raining steadily for the past 10 days with no end in sight!  Temperatures hover around a cool 50 degrees, the skies are gloomy and grey, the weather is woefully wet.  Forget the drought, this feels more like a deluge!

The BBC reports that after two abnormally dry winters, many parts of England are currently experiencing their worst drought in over three decades.  Some areas of England received less than 60 percent of their average seasonal rainfall this past winter.  For southern England, the past 24 months have been the driest period on record since precipitation records began in 1910.

Again, really?!  I am still wearing down jackets, sweaters, and boots.  I am beyond ready to trade my fleece for a frock, my boots for ballet flats, and my wool sweaters for cotton tops.

Apparently this so-called “precipitation deficit” dates back to 2010.  It sure feels like a surplus to me.  My umbrella has become another appendage as I trudge through this supposed Spring that feels like Fall.

I try to console myself with the adage: April showers bring May flowers.  In a few weeks, I expect all of England to be abloom, and yet the English roses may well be wilting soon.

The drought is deemed so serious that garden hoses have been banned with the threat of £1000 fines, and the fountains in Trafalgar Square have been turned off!

No matter.  The sky is like a perennial sprinkler, keeping the ground moist, my shoes damp, and my spirit soggy.

Drought be damned!  I’m ready for some sun!







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