The Good Egg

Easter is just around the corner, and Eggs are all over London.

More than 200 uniquely crafted eggs, created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewelers have been hidden across London in 12 different “egg zones”.  Each egg has its own secret code word, which finders can text to a designated phone number. Each text message sends a donation to supporting charities, while each of the 209 eggs found gives the hunter another chance to win the glittering grand prize: A diamond jubilee egg made by Fabergé.  The golden Faberge egg is adorned with 60 diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, designed to celebrate the Queen’s 60-year reign.

This is clearly a different kind of a hunt from the ones we usually host in our backyard, and these eggs can’t be contained in a traditional Easter basket.  We haven’t set out to win the grand prize, but we have had lots of fun discovering the whimsical eggs on our daily travels within the city.  It is an egg-cellent adventure! Here is one of my favorites:

The eggs are a reminder that Easter season is here, and what better time to have an encounter with a genuine Good Samaritan.  Yesterday, I took the girls to the newly opened Kensington Palace.  I brought my camera along to snap shots of the gardens and attempt to capture the fountains on a high shutter speed (part of my photography homework).  When we reached the entrance, I realized I had left my camera IN THE CAB!  I almost had a heart attack because we leave for Africa tonight.  What are the chances I would ever see it again?

I ran back to the place we had been dropped off, hoping the cab driver would miraculously return.  No luck.  I saw a phone number of the side of a passing cab, and called it in hopes of getting a message to the taxi community.  Again, what are the chances?

Someone actually answered the phone, took my name and number, and promised that the equivalent of an APB would be sent out to all the London cabbies.  I crossed my fingers and toes and headed into the Palace. Not even thirty minutes later, my cab driver called and said as casually as ever, “‘Allo Luv, would you like me to swing by and return your camera?  If you are out and about, I can drop it by your house for you.”  Amazing.

I wonder if the same civility and honesty would have been provided by a NYC taxi service.  I am skeptical.

Most of all, I am grateful for the Good Samaritan I encountered.

He truly was a “Good Egg“.

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