Yes, you are seeing double.

My latest pursuit is photography class.  I have always been a shutterbug, and after 10 years of happily snapping away in auto, I am finally learning how to use all the manual modes of my Nikon camera.

This “twin” picture was taken using an extended shutter speed on a self timer.  I programmed the shutter to stay open 30 seconds, posed in one position for the first 15, and then quickly shifted to the second position for the last 15.   The shutter stays open, allowing the camera to capture both images simultaneously.  How cool!

My current assignment requires me to take a picture during the day and night of a stop-light with all three colors lit simultaneously:  red, yellow, green.  Again, with an adjusted shutter speed, it is possible to capture this brief moment, though very tricky to get the timing right.

Throughout the course, we are taking the Alphabet Challenge.  The goal is to find all 26 letters in nature, architecture, or every day objects.  I find it is quite addictive and makes me analyze my surroundings differently.  I am almost done, but the letter R completely eludes me!  I came across this A walking Lu this morning:

The class culminates with a night shoot at Westminster when all of the sites are magically lit up:  the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. By then, I’m told we will understand how to adjust shutter, aperture, and the light meter well enough to capture very creative photographs of these iconic monuments.  Here is my first attempt mid-course to snap a photo at dusk of Parliament and Big Ben:

For now, I am happy to take my “twin” photos as I am usually behind the camera and rarely in front of it.  Every vacation features ample shots of the rest of the family amidst different locales.  There is usually one token shot of me, taken slightly out of focus as an after thought: “Let’s get one of Mom” (to remember she was actually on the trip!)

So far, only Lucy has been a willing participant in my photo antics…

Disclaimer:  New dog toy, never touched by Lu!

Jackie made me include this disclaimer.  Her comment was: “That is so weird Mom…and gross!

Truth be told, this is more or less her standard response to almost everything I do…

photography class included!

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