The Colourful Pound

“In for a penny, in for a pound”

We’ve all heard this idiom and know it means that if something is worth doing, then gamble or take a chance at it. You might as well go the whole way, commit and take all the risks, not just some.

But you should know what colour (note spelling) pound you are in for. 

I recently discovered that there are Pink and Grey Pounds. 

I learned about the Pink Pound in my Art Survey course.  The lecturer was reviewing the classic Baroque (pronounced in England like Barack – as in Obama) period.  Caravaggio was one of its undisputed masters with his dramatic use of chiaroscuro.  Like his art, Caravaggio was a passionate man who was indiscriminate and unrestrained in life.  Many of his subjects were suggestive young boys dressed as a lascivious Bacchus or a tempting angel.  Within this context, the lecturer cheekily explained the power of the Pink Pound: a term used within art circles to describe the gay community’s buying interest and influence.  Apparently, it especially pertains to this type of art!

Today I was reading a movie review which opened with the query:  “Is the Grey Pound changing cinema?”  The movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, was recently distributed in England and focuses on a group of British senior citizens who travel to Bangalore, India to live out their retirement and find a new lease on life.   The formidable cast includes Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, and Bill Nighy.  The reviewer noted that the Youth are defecting to computer games and the internet, and the Seniors are returning to the cinemas.  Apparently, the Grey Pound explains the recent distribution of “grown-up dramas” such as The Iron Lady and The Descendants.  I am thankful for the Grey Pound as I am definitely supportive of anything that discourages any more High School Musicals!!

What other currency colours exist out there? Could there be a Green Pound for environmental concerns?   I’d wager there are others.

In fact, I’d put my money on it.  Maybe bet my bottom dollar….or pound.

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