Colorful Monday

On Monday it was gray and dreary outside, but bright and cheery in my mind.

The David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy is one of the happiest displays of art I have ever seen.  I use the word happy deliberately as Hockney’s inspired landscapes of California and the English countryside are imaginative explosions of vibrant colors.  Despite their sometimes unrealistic tones, the pictures exude a realism that make nature even more beautiful and recognizable.  I’d like to be walking down that pink lane, past the magenta tree stump, alongside the yellow felled trees, toward the distant sun setting upon the lush green fields.  A colorscape paradise for the mind!

The portraits are large in scale, and some works combine many canvases in one giant compilation.  Hockney impressed me with his ability to master not only oils, charcoal, and watercolors, but the ipad.  He is an octogenarian who is not afraid of new technology.  Instead, he embraces it and created a special collection of ipad paintings for the grand hall that depict the countryside over the course of a year.  I loved watching nature progress from somber January, to verdant April, to lush June, and then vibrant October.  I marvel that such beauty was created on a sleek screen, not a traditional canvas.

I was also fascinated with Hockney’s creative display of photography.  He would take pictures of a subject throughout the day from various angles, depicting different perspectives.  Then he would create a comprehensive collage that represents the original view in an artistic way.  As a photo fanatic, I thought this was a very interesting technique.  I would love to try it on my own!

After Hockney and a nice lunch, my friends and I strolled into Mayfair to stop by the Halcyon Gallery’s display of Dale Chihuly glass and paintings.  Like Hockney, Chihuly brightened my day with fanciful colorful glass sculptures.  He, too, conjures images of nature in a vibrant surreal way.


Like Leo Lionni’s Frederick the mouse (from one of my favorite children’s books),

I will need to hoard these colors to combat the gray monotone of the London winter.

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