Fantastic Mr. Fox

No, this is not a blog about that incomprehensible movie by the same name…

I still can’t understand what George Clooney was thinking, and Jeff  has not forgiven me for making him sit through that movie one Thanksgiving.

As one wise reviewer noted, “There is something incongruous about the sound of George Clooney’s cashmere-flannel voice coming from the mouth of a somewhat rangy-looking fox in a country gent’s corduroy suit: Why should a matinee idol suffer the indignity of being trapped in a puppet’s body?


Anyway, it seems interesting that foxes are all around me these days.

This little guy came to pay me a visit in Jackson Hole a few weeks ago.  He and his mate wandered into the trees adjacent to our house to nestle in the snow.  I ran outside with my camera and caught his attention.  Just like the Grinch when he menacingly decides to steal all the presents from the Who children, this fox slithered sneakily down through the snow and came to face me directly (through a glass door).  I got the feeling he was saying, “I’m watching you” a la Robert DeNiro in Meet the Parents.  He checked me out for a few minutes and then ran off to do further reconnaissance.

I returned to London to see that foxes were headline news in the Metro section of the Sunday Times. The red fox has become a familiar sight in the city since arriving from the English countryside where it has traditionally been shot as vermin or chased by hunters and packs of hounds.  I understand that fox hunting is not considered PC any more, allowing even more foxes to be on the loose.  Urban living appears to suit the fox as there are upward of 10,000 foxes now roaming London.  Foxes are to urban London what coyotes are to suburban Greenwich, CT.

I did see a fox on our way to the airport in November.  It was a typically wet and foggy London morning, and we were out early at dusk.  Through the haze, the car’s headlights shone on a red figure in the middle of the road.  It almost looked like a dog, but a long bushy tail identified a fox.

I don’t mind these animals as they almost seem like harmless pets.

It is this guy I am afraid of….

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