Holiday Homecoming

We leave London for Greenwich, CT tomorrow.  It will our first visit “home” since our expat adventures began in August.

Jackie and Katie cannot wait to see their friends and get all caught up on EVERYTHING!  I am looking forward to my big kitchen (sorry Barbie), my jacuzzi bathtub, my heated floors, and my spacious rooms – all of which seem like luxuries after living in smaller city digs.  Of course, I, too, am excited to reconnect with friends and family.

Katie takes Christmas seriously and is most anxious to get a proper  tree.  Our London tree is the most expensive and most flawed Christmas tree we have ever owned.  It leans to the left precariously, is a bit patchy, has very sharp needles that sting, and lacks stature (so much so that Katie refers to it as the Christmas bush!) See the picture of the girls to get a sense of scale… and remember they, too, are small in stature!!

Much like British repairmen, the lights we purchased have a will of their own, turning on and off at odd intervals, occasionally going dim, and then blinking erratically.

Yet, our Charlie Brown tree added good cheer to our house over the past few weeks.  Our first U.S. outing will be to buy a bigger and better version down at the Old Greenwich churchyard.

Jackie expects all the traditional cookies to be baked immediately upon return.  Our London Barbie oven would have allowed us to make no more than 12 cookies at a time on its “toaster” trays, and I estimated that it would take about 2-3 weeks to get through our usual baking rituals.  Hence, I’ll be wearing my oven mitts on Saturday ready to roll dough, coat sugar, and bake merrily.

When I reflect on the past several months, it is amazing to think of all we have experienced together.  It simultaneously feels like forever since we were home and like just yesterday that we arrived here.  I know the New Year will be filled with many new travel tales and expat adventures.

Happy Christmas to all who have shared the journey with us through these many posts. 

May your New Year be Shiny and Bright!


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