Barcelona, Beatles and Bach

Music flowed though this week, each experience completely different, as diverse as the music itself.

Last Saturday night, we were invited to a friend’s home to hear a concert in their living room.  The group was called Barcelona and is led by Sam Lardner who sings in a clear voice reminiscent of James Taylor.  He is accompanied by a talented group of musicians playing flamenco guitar and percussion and providing beautiful background harmonies.  Their music  is as lovely and romantic as the their namesake, Barcelona.  Enjoying music up and close and personal in a such a cozy setting made for a perfect evening.  I encourage you to check them out on itunes – you won’t be disappointed.

Two days later, we found ourselves in a completely different environment at the massive O2 Arena in London to hear Paul McCartney. The distinction between the rather crude American culture and more civil British one was never more evident than in the difference between Madison Square Garden and O2 Arena.  One is brash the other is classy.  In fairness, I may have been influenced by the VIP pre-concert lounge which seemed like a hip nightclub, furnished with cozy couches and flowing with champagne.

Paul McCartney gave an unbelievably great performance comprised of many of the top Beatles hits. Those songs are still relevant and fresh, much like Sir Paul himself.   The man is like Benjamin Button as I swear he reverse-aged during the concert.  He walked on stage 69 and walked off in his mid-30s!  The encore performance of Paul, alone on stage, performing Yesterday, singing dolefully and strumming on his guitar was perfection.

We changed genres again last night and headed to Cadogan Hall to hear the Bach Choir perform a Christmas concert.  Once again, I love the Brit tradition of drinking wine and gathering as if at a cocktail party in the lobby before the show.  The Bach choir was accompanied by the London City Brass ensemble who added bombastic flair to the seasonal carols. We merrily sang along to many traditional tunes and got into the Christmas spirit.

With this motley musical medley, our past week was filled with harmony!


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