It’s a Dog’s Life

“Everyone knows Lucy!”

Yesterday I walked in Regent’s Park with Lucy as we do almost every day.  A woman unknown to me approached and yelled in cheerful greeting, “It’s Lucy!”

I walked up to this stranger and asked her how she knew my dog.  She replied, “Everyone knows Lucy.  She’s the dog with the crazy mohawk hairdo!”  I kid you not.  The idea that anyone knows Lu is amazing…but that “everyone knows her” is just too much!

Apparently, Lucy is good friends with this woman’s dog, Hamish.  You have to love that name.  Hamish is a Czechoslovakian Wolfhound puppy who literally greeted Lu by kissing (licking) her on the mouth and throwing a paw over her neck.  This is the closest thing to a dog embrace I have ever seen.

I pried further into the relationship (as any good parent would do), and discovered that Lu and Hamish share my dog walker and meet up most days in the park.

Lucy will have the opportunity to make many new friends during her sojourn in Wales this Christmas break.  Lu will not fly home with us, enabling me for the first time in nine years to lay out food without fear.  The chocolate Santas will be safe at last!

Lu will be on vacation.  I say this deliberately because she will be picked up and delivered to the most beautiful place I have ever seen on a 2,000 acre estate in Wales.  Specifically, she will be right here:

This estate boasts that “we are NOT a kennel”.  The literature goes on to explain:

We have a maximum of 6 guests at a time which means that we are able to give them constant attention and affection and they become part of the family. The days are spent roaming over some of our two thousand acres and swimming in the lake. Evenings are spent lying by the fire. It is important to us that the dogs settle in happily and so we emulate their home environment as closely as possible: if they are used to sleeping in the kitchen then that is where they spend the night, or if they are used to being on the bed, luckily it’s a very big four poster.


So there you have it, Lu will be snug in a four poster bed with visions of doggie bones dancing in her head!

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