Brave and Crazy Hearts

Sometimes a movie title seems to sum it all up.

This week Katie traveled with her field hockey team to The Hague to play in a large international tournament.  We are proud that Katie was selected to travel with the team, and we hope that she comes home alive.  Literally.

Katie plays defense.  Because she is so tenacious and fearless, she has a critical role on the team. When the opposing team takes a penalty shot on goal, Katie is the first to come flying out of the goal and run directly at the player who is winding up to take the shot.  You can only imagine the number of bruises on her knuckles, thighs, knees, etc.  Yet, she never falters and runs directly into harm’s way.

Mid-season, the coaches decided that she must wear a face mask in this role.  These are not required for the game in England, but she now keeps this Silence of the Lambs contraption on the sidelines, and before each penalty shot, she straps it on like battle armor.

Speaking of battles, Jeff turned to me at the last game and said, “she reminds of Mel Gibson’s character, William Wallace, in Braveheart.  The image is absolutely perfect, even down to the kilt she wears.  Long hair flying, brandishing stick in the air, fierce expression on her face, wild look in her eyes…she is just missing the blue face paint!  You can almost hear her exclaim:

“My name is Katie Dishner….” as she charges toward the opposing team!

As long a I am making movie references, Jackie might be most like Crazy Heart.

No, she’s not a washed up, drunk, country singer, but the movie title taken literally is apt.

The other day we went to a Ski and Snow Boarding Expo to get ready for the winter season.  Only Jackie could be so utterly entertained by the small mound of snow outside the expo center. Ponytail flying, eyes twinkling, mouth agape in a joyful yell…she’s game and leading the charge towards fun.

Later, she spent her time in the “Club Med” snow lounge clowning around with her friends, posing in the picture booth.  These pictures speak for themselves!






Brave or Crazy, my girls fill my heart….though as teenagers they may give me a heart attack!!



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