The “Hood”

It all began 20 years ago when we met at the Tuck School of Business.  Four friendships formed and forged over business, books, and beer pong!  We called ourselves “The Girls in the Hood” as our house in New Hampshire was a few blocks from school, literally in the neighborhood.

We graduated in ’93 and vowed to stay in touch despite never living in the same place.

No longer in one ‘hood,  we now span the US and beyond:  The West Coast (Nancy in Seattle), The Mid-West (Gina in Colorado), the East Coast (Dana in Washington D.C.) and Europe (Cathy in London).

We have stayed true to our goal, and our Hood reunions are annual events that have taken us from Napa Valley, to Vegas, to Cabo, to Florida, to Vail, and now to London and Paris.  We are our own Ya Ya Sisterhood, sharing the highs and lows of marriage, children, careers and life goals while basking in the bonds of friendship and nourishment of margaritas.

We started in Vegas back in the ’90s, and referred to ourselves as the “Hip, Hot, Hood”…dancing til dawn in nightclubs, drowning in drinks, and reveling in our girl power.  In those days, we packed glittery tops, tight jeans, and high heels.

The packing lists have changed somewhat with time.  Dana has blown out her knee and Cathy and Nancy have had crippling back problems, all of which make high heels less desirable.  Wrinkles creep across our faces and “skinny” jeans seem too constricting.  I fear that our old name the Hip, Hot, Hood may take on new meaning –Our “Hip” seems the next likely thing to injure and the only “Hot” thing we feel is the occasional flash!!

Gina was missing from this recent trip and was dearly missed.  Perhaps she chose a good one to skip as our first outing in London was to the Pharmacy – I kid you not!  Nancy needed foot beds for her aching feet, Dana needed pain reliever, and I needed a hot pad for my painful back.  We still managed to see the sights with beaming faces.

Tower Bridge











After a brief stay in London, we headed down to Paris.  Nothing makes you fit in better with the locals than a beret!  I will worry when we all join that society that wears purple clothes and red hats…though my beret may come in handy and ensure membership!



An afternoon of shopping in the Marais transformed Dana into a chic Parisian as she traded her fleece for flair!




We still found the trendy hot spots, drinking at Hotel Coste and dining at La Societe.  The dark ambiance of these lounges made reading glasses necessary for all but me and the pulsing music deafened us as we yelled to one another, “WHAT?!”  But none of that put a dimmer on the City of Lights.

I will always be grateful for my time at Tuck.  I met my husband and made lifelong friends who are now extended family.  The Girls in the Hood are going strong, and we look forward to the many reunions to come.  For nothing is better than spending time with great girlfriends with whom you feel forever young.

This trip to Paris provided quite a contrast to the visit with my family….we replaced my family’s communal whine with the right kind of wine.

And like all good wine, we are convinced that we will improve with age!  I’ll drink to that – SALUT!

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Gina November 7, 2011 at 3:34 pm

LOVE IT!!! Miss you all, and….. I love you guys! 😉


Cathy Dishner November 7, 2011 at 3:43 pm

Miss you too! Next time you’ll have to join us…maybe the South of France??!!


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