The “Super Dishner”

I often feel like I am living in a sitcom.  Specifically, Modern Family seems to resemble my life all too often.

The Dishners and Dunphys do share some similarities.

The Mom, Claire, is nicknamed “Bossy” by a ranch hand in Jackson Hole….hmmm I wonder who might fit that moniker?  Our former house manager in Jackson Hole did once tell me that I am the most opinionated person he had ever met!  I chalked that up to his laconic Western demeanor.  I’m simply an East Coast girl who likes to make decisions.

The Dad, Phil, reliably provides comic relief.  I’m not sure where to begin drawing comparisons on that count.  Jeff is a man who owns a white polyester Elvis pantsuit…and wears it out (on days other than Halloween)!  He is a man who puts cheese flavored Doritos and Nilla Wafers together in a giant ziploc that acts as a feedbag while watching TV…and then wonders why he is gaining weight!  He is a man who adds levity to every situation, whether intentional or not.

On the show, one daughter is studious and serious and the other is social and silly.  Katie is earnest and hard working.  No one will push more relentlessly toward a goal. Jackie is always in the middle of a social whirl.  As my friend once aptly put it, “Jackie is the girl you want as your freshman year college roommate”!  I pity the school….

We don’t have a son like the Dunphys, but our dog Lucy fills the role of third child who is forever getting into goofy situations.  Who else could ride the back of a goose into the Long Island Sound, rock a tufted blond mohawk ‘do, and eat all the Easter Bunnies every year?

Last week’s Modern Family episode got me thinking.  Claire decided that combining the traits of her two very different daughters would create a “Super Dunphy”.

How many times have you wondered how to create the perfect person? You take a little of this person, add it it to that person, and then throw in some of someone else!  Voila!

Katie + Jackie = The Super Dishner


Cathy + Jeff = The Super Dishner

Opposites attract.  Where would the passion be without the ying and yang? I can make all the rules I want, but it’s not nearly as much fun without someone to break them.  On our expat adventures, Katie can research the culture and Jackie can find the roller coasters. That’s what keeps this Modern Expat Family entertaining.

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