Sod’s Law

Last Friday, the Osteopath looked at me and claimed, “Looks like you’ve got a case of Sod’s Law“…

Let me back up.As you may know, I have a history of back problems.

It all started about 12 years ago on December 16th when I was lunging for a drop shot on the tennis court.  I froze and became paralyzed by pain in my lower back.  I remember the date exactly because it was a week before Christmas and NO ONE would see me.  So I barely made it through the holidays, reaching gingerly into my oven to remove heavy casseroles and roasts.

I recovered on a beach in Mexico using margaritas as my magic elixir.  Physical Therapy followed, and several more similar episodes occurred throughout the years.  I have tried to be careful of my quirky back.

After my 9 mile industrial countryside walk, my trudge through the rain in Prague weighed down by cameras and guidebooks, and my aggressive work out with the King of Dead Lifts Sean, my back decided to get even.  As I was innocuously putting my key in my front door, I felt a twinge and then….froze!  My back was a goner.

Cassie was arriving from the US in less than 24 hours, and I could not move AT ALL.  I shuffled painfully into the house, got the sofa, and began to panic.  My first call was to Jeff who said, “What do you want me to do?”  I DON”T KNOW!!!  But he had a point – he was useless.

When in need, call a girlfriend. I called Page, my active friend who has a history of aches and pains like mine.  She immediately texted her osteopath and shared my saga.

Within 2 minutes, I had an appointment across town with a man I have never met.  Amazing.  No rude receptionists, no endless waiting on hold listening to muzak while some voice tells you “your call is appreciated…”, no appointment a week from now…no hassle!

Page does tell me that we need to speak before I head out.  I call and she informs me, “This is not like a US doctor’s office.  Check you modesty at the door.  The doctor is very handsome and will ask you drop your pants and lay on the table.  DO IT!”  I am desperate enough that this sounds like a plan.

Upon arrival, the cute doctor meets me at the door and insists on carrying my purse because the added weight is not good for my back.  Incredible.  After I go through my saga, complete with my friend’s imminent arrival, he claims:  “Looks like you’ve got a case of sod’s law”.  Excuse me?  Apparently that is the British term for our friend Murphy and his law that just when you need everything to get well, something inevitable goes horribly wrong.

Dr. Handsome let me keep my pants on and provided a therapeutic but painful massage to relieve my inflamed back. I asked him how to pay, and he asked, “Do you have insurance?”  I confirmed that I did.  “OK then. We’ll worry about the details later.  You should just go home and rest”.  No forms, no paperwork, no charge…amazing!

He did recommend that I see a GP to get some prescription-strength anti inflammatories and pain killers.  So I cold-called a guy that has been recommended to me by some friends.  HE ANSWERS on the first ring.  Not only did he answer the phone, but he politely told me to come right over.  Amazing.  Off I went to meet another kind and polite gentleman who did a quick medical review and then prescribed the necessary medication to get me through the weekend.  I asked him how to provide payment.   “You have insurance?”  Good enough.  I was sent off to fill my scripts and take it easy.

Unlike the CVS pharmacy nightmare where rude people who could care less about your welfare make you wait forever, the chemist at the hospital was very attentive and told me to wait 5 minutes while he got my things together.  He then proceeded to walk me through the directions, ask if he could help me further, and give me his best wishes for a speedy recovery.  He did ask me to pay 20 GBP (I spend about that much on a latte at Starbucks!)  Best bargain I have come across in London yet.

All this TLC got me upright and mobile so that I could enjoy the weekend with Cass. To prove that I was actually out and about, we hiked in the Heath in search of a Geo Cache — those little things that are hidden all over the world.  We found the treasure after walking in circles for a while!

It was the absolute greatest thing to see a dear friend from home.  As Dickens might have said, It was the best of times (when she was here) and the worst of times (when she left).  Now once again, I am sad and homesick….but not for the medical system in the US.  I’ll take the treatment here any day!

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