The Prague “Pow Wow”


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  I decided to include some in this latest installment.  You will see what I mean as you read on….

The city of Prague has been described as a precious jewelbox of well preserved castles, palaces, churches, and monuments….all of which look absolutely stunning against a bright blue sky in the guide books.  Alas, it is not quite as picturesque against a gloomy, rainy backdrop, but still full of adventure.  Our first line of business was to purchase wool hats with “PRAGUE” woven across the top. I opted for one that displayed “PRAHA” (the native name of the city) in sequins.  We all made quite a fashion statement as we headed into the long weekend.

As you will recall, we went to Prague on a quest to ride the Cyklon.  Alas, it may well be the very first time someone has asked the concierge where to find this iconic coaster.  It took a team of puzzled hotel employees to locate the fair and send us on our way via taxi because, surprise surprise, it was not located within the neighboring historic district.

The Cyklon ride

As only Jeff can so aptly put it, “We came to Prague to visit the North Mianus Pow Wow!”  This was a perfect comparison as the fairgrounds seemed to source the exact same rides and provide the same pink and blue cotton candy.  One new addition that Prague offered was “Aquazorbing”.  Both of my girls rushed to enter an inflated ginat plastic ball and bob around in a large kiddie pool.   I cannot make this stuff up!


We did try to insert some culture into the trip.  I was fascinated to learn about Prague’s rich musical lineage– Mozart and other musical legends played many famous concerts there.  Literally, on every street corner, there was a guy handing out flyers for a local concert that evening – the organ, the piano, the strings. They reminded me of the same sort of guys in NYC that try to get you to stop in the appliance store or go to the Papaya’s Hot Dog stand down the street.  Instead of peddling fast food, they were peddling classical music.  We dragged the girls to the beautiful Rudolfino concert hall on our first night.  We listened to a string ensemble from the Czech Philharmonic playing the”Greatest Hits” for classical string insturments:  Mozart’s A Little Night Music, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Pachelbel’s Canon, just to name a few.  Jeff and I were enthralled as the gorgeous music soared above the concert hall.  Katie and Jackie were “bored” because it all sounded “the same”.  Jackie added, “Why can’t we go hear something good like LMFAO.”

Perhaps the sights would perk them up.  How can you not be entranced by lofty castles, opulent palaces, and decorative churches?  Very easily, it turns out.  Both girls trudged along rather sullen as we made our way through the city.  But I did find two things that engaged them and brought broad smiles to their otherwise inanimate faces.  For mild-mannered Katie, it was the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments – there she is beaming in front of a horrific iron cage complete with neck clamp and various impaling instruments.

For Jackie it was the Kafka Museum.  No, she was not moved by the philosophy of the existential thinker, rather she was quite amused by the racy sculpture out front.  This picture speaks for itself.

And there you have it: Torture and Obscenity.  Should I sign up for therapy now or later?

My personal favorite was the Museum of Minatures.  Who can resist seeing a portrait of Jesus on a poppy seed, a caravan of camels on a flea’s leg, or a railway train on a hair within the eye of a needle?  Truly amazing.

We all returned to London happy to be “home”.  It is interesting that after 2 months, our little house truly is a home to all of us.  This week will bring our old “home” to London.  Today, I enjoyed lunch with Jackie MacLeod, who is visiting a friend, and Hadley Palmer, who is my neighbor in London as she was in OG.  Speaking of OG, Cassie Hopkins, my favorite Friend in the ‘Hood, will be visiting this weekend.  I can hardly wait.  I hope she will be the first of many – you all all welcome here any time!  I promise to stay away from torture museums and obscene statues if you visit!!

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