Exercise: Adventures in gyms and parks

14 – Sept – 2011

This past weekend was a big cricket match:  England vs. India.  Hoards of people descended on Lord’s Cricket Club in the morning, some decked out in nice “gentry” clothing and others outfitted in their team’s jersey.  It was quite a happening.  The girls and I ran into the bedlam on our way to Regent’s park with Lucy.  There was a great energy in the air.  Cricket is a sport I know absolutely nothing about.  The match seemed to last ALL day, literally. The roar of the crowd came in waves all day long into the early evening.  The stadium is just a few blocks away and has a gym that I thought I would join (more of that below).  The work out facility is bare bones, but it is convenient and offers spectacular views of the cricket “pitch” (field).  I’ve been told that Paul McCartney works out on the treadmills often so I’ll let you know if I get to sweat next to Sir Paul.

I did get to rub shoulders with an aging diva, Joan Collins, on the Queensway last Sunday.  She had the all-important accessory on her arm…a MUCH younger man carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.  The former Alexis Carrington was perfectly coiffed with her big wig (apparently she still sports the Dynasty hair), immaculate white pant suit, heels, and huge dark glasses.  I have to admit, she rocked it!

Lucy has moved on from pigeons and is now terrorizing the geese and pedestrians throughout London.  I had a flashback to several years ago when Lucy took off in Tomac Cove on the back of a confused goose and rode out into the Sound, only to finally dismount half way toward the Stamford Lighthouse and continue on her frenzied quest.  As many of you know, I swam out to rescue her, only to realize I would drown in the attempt.  I wound up screaming hysterically until my husband heard me and got the boat to rescue the dog (but left me in the Sound!)  I had to leave the water amidst the crowd that had assembled on the shore and then walk home drenched and defeated.  This time, Lu entered the bird sanctuary at Regent’s Park when I was too slow to put her back on her lead.  She took off, leapt into the gated waters, and managed to swim the length of the park causing every flock of pigeons, group of geese, and the lone swan and heron to take off in wild commotion.  I got many dirty stares from the offended English men and women who were trying to enjoy the tranquility of the sanctuary during their morning stroll.  Total disaster.  I also made a huge impression of my new friend, Page, who suggested we stick to the streets next time we walk together!

Last, I have been looking for a trainer to keep me fit.  Despite all the walking I do, I have no discipline when it comes to really working out.  This was my week to sample the local fitness options.  It was quite hilarious.  First, I met Jon Luigi whose Italian accent was so thick that I understood every 5th word he muttered, and I got tired of hearing “and a one-a, and a two-a, and a three-a….”.  Like a typical Italian man, he told me ALL about himself and wanted to know absolutely nothing about me.  Quite the opposite occurred the next day, when Sean wanted to get very in touch with my feelings, goals, body alignment, etc.  A bit deep but at least I could understand him…sort of.  He asked me if I could “skip”, and I proudly skipped like a school girl across the gym floor.  He watched rather amused and them explained that what he meant was can I “skip (or jump) rope”!  I was a little embarrassed.  But not as humiliated as I was today when I met with Bufelt (what kind of name is that?!) who made me box with him.  Apparently, I cannot throw a right or left hook in any sort of combination and lack all coordination necessary to lunge and kick while throwing punches.  When I took off the gloves, I thought I had permanently pushed my wedding ring through my knuckle..it hurts to type as I write this!  Needless to say, I am no fitter but just more frustrated!

As to frustration, the TV guy will come for the 5th and, maybe final time, tomorrow to hook up the TVs so that they all work.  If you recall from my previous account, people tend to forget “bits” whenever they come out to do something.  Several TVs are partially working at the moment…I cannot wait to see what he does tomorrow.  At the moment, I have to go into the hall and point the remote into the box in the closet in order to change channels on the TV in the adjoining room…very convenient!  Perhaps going back and forth and up and down to change channels will wind up replacing my need for a my personal trainer!!

Jeff flew home Sept 11th, a tough day to have a loved one take a flight.  It was hard to know he would be back in the ‘hood, seeing friends, and staying in our house.  It made all of us a bit homesick.

Hope all is well with all of you!  Keep me updated…

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Kyle Cittadino October 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm

hahahahahahahahahahahaha…did you write one of these when you trained with me??? I’m dying over here…


Cathy Dishner October 21, 2011 at 6:59 pm

No – you were “pre-blog”! I would have sung your praises…you never made me “skip”! Hope all is well with you. I will stop in for a visit in December


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